Why TEA?

Why should you be part of Telangana Elevator Association?
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Integrety Comes with Unity

Do you feel that people and Government in Telangana know how strong our Industry is?

With the initiative of TEA, we have approached our State Government to implement Lift Act in Telangana State.

More than 2,00,000 people out of 4 Crore Telangana public are directly or indirectly involved with Elevator Industry.

Financial Advice

How much should you invest for good ROI, with an expertize in elevator field, we provide complete guidance.

Market Analysis

Apart from Hyderabad, which other places in India, including districts are genarating business. 

Safe And Secure

Your data and business plan are safe and secure, we maintance complete confidentiality.

How safe are Elevators?

Can you imagine a world without elevators? Out of 8,00,000 lifts which got installed in TS, imagine what happens if, 1% fail on a day. You can imagine Chaos.

The failure rate of elevators is 0.008%. With the implementation of Lift Safety Acts, we can further reduce it.

Our main aim is to implement safety standards in existing elevators and also new lifts.

We help you finding registered companies and trained technicians.

Out of many installation companies, actual licence holders are very few. Many people, will just have a visiting card and a brouchre and claim to have a company. Our duty is to provide genuine list to consumers. We also help startups in acquiring required licenses and training.


Companies don't have Registrations in Telangana

Raise a Complaint Against Any Elevator Company

Are you not satisfied with any company?

Are you waiting for a response from them?

Don’t worry, write us a complaint and we will contact that company on behalf you and will post their response and try to resolve the issue.

Case Studies

In past 10 years, more than 50 percent of companies which opened in Telangana are closed. We have case studies with us which may help new companies, as well as existing ones to find, were these companies which closed have made a wrong decision.

Become A Leader In The Elevator Industry

We want leaders from our State of Telangana

  • We want every one of our member to have a competitive spirit.
  • Guide everyone to grow
  • Provide more quality material
  • Reach and implement Global elevator standards.
  • Participate in all Indian elevator expos.

Our Executive Team will help you

You would be able to form multiple subcommittees in accordance with ByLaws of Telangana Elevator Association, with the help of our Executive Team Leaders.