why should you join in telangana elevator association

TEA – Telangana Elevator Association is not for Nonsense but it is for sensible news and elevating lives of people who depend on our industry to higher levels by collaborating with like-minded people, cooperating to non-members as well when they face an issue related to our industry.

As always we believe and say that integrity comes with the unity which gives respect to our entire industry.

Feedback, discussion and leadership are the only key factors through which we can rise to the next levels.

If we want to live the same way we live every day then it’s up to you but when you things about all of us together what miracles we can achieve you would definitely come forward and plan for togetherness.

Did you ever try approaching Telangana Elevator Association for any cause?

Any issue related to the supplier, builder, legal issues, training, guidance or any other related thing and got a negative response?

We assure one and all that we as a team with volunteers including you and your colleagues should come and join us for a cause, and approach us and inquire what we are doing and how best with all your help our Telangana elevator industry can improve.

A year of issues solving, running around incidents, solving builder issues, giving time to every call which we receive, managing funds without corpus collection, taking and handling accusations from people who misunderstand and finally DOING THE RIGHT THINGS WHICH WE INDENTED TO DO made us realize that there is much more that needs to be taken care of and let of support and encouragement from every one of you can only boost us to achieve success and safety.

మన లిఫ్ట్ – మన తెలంగాణ

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Let us unite

Trust us and we will make you proud

Jai Hind

Avinash Challa


Telangana Elevator Association.