From I can’t do it, to I can do it – The difference is working as a team.

Every member of our TEA should spend little time and volunteer to take up a responsibility for our Elevator Industry’s success.

We know how hard everyone in our industry struggle for success and when anyone in our community is facing an issue, we should all support each other. Together we can make a difference.

Implementation of IS standards in our installations is also a most important aspect of improvising quality. Seniors in our industry tried multiple times to contact the government to bring Lift Act in our state but due to challenges, it couldn’t happen. This time, every one of us should unite and make this successful.  Because our success is your success.

How can you volunteer? First, you need to become a member and become part of one of the subcommittee.

By being part of

Membership committee

Management committee


Kindly leave a comment if you are interested.




Ask Everyone To Join the Moment for our Integrity

If you are interested in working together, fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!