Yesterday night was the talk of the town in the state of Telangana. It’s a  historic day, not because of Metro usage for the general public but our Telangana Elevator Association got an Outstanding Response from every member of our industry.

The executive committee felt blessed with the support of every member of our industry. We felt that our hard work to form association from last three years dint go in vain. As we received hundreds of applications once after our website launch yesterday from all across India.

We are happy to announce, Membership committee has approved 15 new members from our industry to join Telangana Elevator Association.

Very soon we will be adding all their profiles to the list. With everyone encouragement and support we can take the association to the next level and discuss the ongoing issues and find a solution.

We see to it, everyone in the State of Telangana join hands and with us and we become much stronger and work for the betterment of our industry.


Avinash Challa


Telangana Elevator Assocation.


Ask Everyone To Join the Moment for our Integrity

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