In a freak accident, a builder fell into an elevator duct from the fifth floor of an apartment building in Ayodhya Nagar on Monday afternoon.
The man, 55-year-old Subhash Rajput, suffered grievous injuries was taken to a private hospital from where he was referred to Hamidia hospital. He was declared brought dead at Hamidia.

Station-in-charge Ayodhya Nagar Baljeet Singh said that Subhash, a resident of Bhawani Nagar near JK Road, was one of the owners of Bhawani Housing and Investment Private Limited.

He was looking after the construction of two six-storied apartment buildings near Ayodhya Bypass Square. On Monday, a team of Bhopal Municipal Corporation had reached one of the fully constructed apartment buildings for inspection. Subhash accompanied the team to the sixth floor and then the terrace. Subhash was scheduled to attend a lunch meeting elsewhere and at around 2 pm he took a call and took the stairs to the fifth floor.

 The BMC team followed him downstairs and were waiting behind him at a distance. He pressed the call button of the elevator while speaking on the phone.

  Due to a snag, the elevator did not come down from the sixth floor, but the door opened. Subhash, still on the phone, did not pay attention and stepped inside – falling five floors.

The BMC officials raised an alarm and called the labourers for help. It took around an hour to cut the door of the elevator on the ground floor to take out Subhash. He was critical when the labourers found him and died on the way to the hospital.

A case has been registered and further investigation is on, said police.

Safeties you must follow before and while using an elevator in any building.

a. Never use a phone or read a newspaper while getting on to the elevator. 

b. Until elevator reaches floor level, never try to open the gate.

c. If the lift is stuck between floors, never panic.

d. If the lift is stuck in between floors, do not try to open the doors and jump out –  Call a third party help and ask them to bring the lift to the floor level first and only then come out.

e. Do not allow children below 12 years to use the lift.

f. If you use grill gates, never ever keep the hand in between the gates.

g. If you own an elevator in your building, check whether your lift is coming to floor level automatically in case of power off, if not talk to your lift maintenance company immediately. If you have not installed Automatic Rescue Device to date, ask them to modernise the lift immediately.

h. If you have grill gates, try replacing them with Accordion/Imperforated gates so no one would be able to keep their hands in between. 

i. If you have full plain automatic doors, ask your lift installation company to cut open and at least have a small vision glass for your automatic doors.


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