How can we avoid a lift accident

Today every one of us, not just the users but the technicians, company owners, suppliers and every one of us morn every time when we here about any lift accident.

Some of the safety measures which we can follow are mentioned below:

  • Stickly following instructions of manufacturers,
  • Safety measures,
  • Training technicians,
  • Quality of the material,
  • Research and development for improvising standards,
  • Thorough inspections,
  • Earthing and fail-safe measures and
  • Most importantly educating all the users to use the elevator and
  • Explain users about emergency rescue measures which they should take from a third person’s help in case of technical failures.
  • Getting regular lift maintenance from the same Lift company from whomever consumer purchases the elevator is one of the most important factors.

Telangana Elevator Association needs every one of you to volunteer yourself in contributing your knowledge about how we can avoid accidents. Please share your knowledge through comments. Your feedback is most important and may help others to implement in all our companies across the country.

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