The students were identified as Akshara (20), Tanushree (24) and Falaq Patel (19). All of them are undergoing treatment at Hosmat Hospital. Another student, identified as Ishika, 20, has been treated as an outpatient for soft tissue injury to her right ankle. The victims are all second-year law students and had come to Bengaluru to undergo a two-week internship at a law firm on Cunningham Road in Vasanthnagar.

How did this mishab happened and how can we avoid such accidents?

Visually whether overs peed governor is installed or not is clear. However, it is clearly visible that the slab hoes are too big and one of the corners of the motor base due to vibration has slipped into it, due which two ropes have slipped from the pulley and so the whole elevator cabin slipped.

Luckily, while one girl was passing out of the cabin, this didn’t happen and so she is safe. But, the people who are in the lift cabin end up with fractures.

What do you think about this accident?

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