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A 73 years old elderly person who went to shopping at Shivraj Lakshmichand Jewellers located in Khairatabad were seriously injured, later expired due to lift accident on 5th January 2018.

According to police, Sri late Rathanchand Ji has fallen into the lift pit from the first floor.

Telangana Elevator Association President Avinash Challa has visited the site and made the lift inspected by senior technicians and found that the liftgate lock is non-functional and that is how the gate opened when lift cabin is not there. He also questioned the Owners, why were they using the lift when they know that it’s malfunctioning. While talking to media he mentioned that in recent times there are so many lives lost due to collapsible gate lift. He also informed that all across India in most of the states Lift Safety act is implemented and collapsible gates are the banned.

It’s the high time to implement to Lift Act in our Telangana state and also in Andhra Pradesh.

On behalf of all elevator companies, Sri Avinash Challa, President of Telangana elevator association showed empathy and prayed for the family of the victim. He requested all Lift Associated members across the country to show their condolences by being silent for 2 minutes from 10 AM to 10:02 AM on 7th January 2018.



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